Senate Republicans Totally Bomb Obamacare Repeal in Act to Appear as Retarded as Possible

GOP Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

If you have paid a second of attention to Congressional politics over the past eight years, the increasingly-obvious fact that both sides of the aisle are intent on screwing over the American middle class should hardly come as a revelation to you. In dramatic fashion, the Senate Republicans unveiled an unfunny joke of an Obamacare “repeal” bill that proves their complicity in this abhorrence. This “repeal” leaves in place many of the ACA’s taxes, many of its regulations that have wrapped a noose around the neck of our nation’s economy, and a very generous gift to the insurance industry.

Surely a political faction that emphasizes a small, subdued government in their platform wouldn’t push a potential law that includes a $200 billion bailout for private insurance companies. Perhaps I am stuck in a seemingly perpetual nightmare that I will eventually awaken from. Perhaps the GOP is using their time and their precious taxpayer-funded salaries to play a prank on us.


Isn’t it odd that the insurance companies somehow come out as the lone victors regardless of who is running our government? It is no secret that these institutions overwhelmingly benefited from the signing of Obamacare into law. How could they not? Millions of Americans were coerced into buying terrible insurance that plenty of them did not want or need. I can only imagine how convenient it must be as a business owner if the government threatens your customers with fines if they don’t buy your products. For the sake of Jesus, THEY WROTE THE LAW THEMSELVES!

There are two scenarios I feel that I must submit to you for your intellectual consideration. One of them has happened, and the other is likely going to happen soon. Let’s see if you can find an imbalance in the equations:

Obamacare passes. Democrats wins. Republicans lose. Insurance companies win.

Obamacare gets “repealed”. Democrats lose. Republicans win. Insurance companies win.

I rest my case. The cronies have swindled us again! The only solution for this is to quit making governmental policy a worthy investment for them. This can only happen through a comprehensive reduction in authoritative power over the healthcare industry.

We know where the GOP leadership stands. Come 2018, we need to take these bloodsuckers out at the ballot box. Until then, let’s stop pretending that both major political parties in this country are not in effect the same exact thing.




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Remote viewer and warrior for the West.

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